Thursday, March 17, 2011


I haven't written for ages because I started a new job and I have been super busy. I have been able to ignore regular offers of chocolate, birthday cakes and lollies and more lollies. I even got a fruit platter for my birthday at work where everyone else gets a cake.

What I did not account for was other people failing to take a coffee order wrong and as a cosequence, when I got to the bottom of my coffee today, I realised that it had sugar in it. I got very cranky. I have been resisting sugar in my coffee this whole year by only buying great coffee. Oh well, I will have to get over that and just keep going on my challenge.

I am going to a wedding this Saturday where there is going to be gluten-free cupcakes. I am sure that they are goig to be delicious, but I will be passing on them. Two and a half months in, I am really pleased with myself, but ow have to get my general intake of carbs down a bit to a more healthy level.

Thanks for reading if there is anyone out there who does.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


January still has a couple of days left in her but I have made it a month without eating any sweets and coming up and defending a lot of challenges along the way. I wanted to congratulate myself and reward good behaviour so I booked in a massage today and it was lovely.

A lot of poeple at work have been talking about how they might do Feb Fest where you ditch alcohol for a month. You can however buy yourself a day to drink by making a donation to the nominated charity. Cheating! There are no bargains for me this year. I am really happy. i am just looking forward to getting over this cold and getting a normal sleeping pattern going. I need to re-introduce regular exercise again. I got a good headstart on that today by going for an hour-long work in teh botanic gardens this morning. Bring on Febuary!

Tuesday, January 25, 2011

Sickie = cravings

A combination of not entirely looking after myself and a sick co-worker meant that I have wound up with a nasty cold and I spent most of the last four days asleep. It also seemed to result in regular sugar cravings.

I found myself thinking about ice-cream and cordial a lot. I think it might have been because I had a sore throat and all I wanted to do was drink cool drinks. These have been the toughest days of the year so far for repelling sugar. I have made sure that there has always been cool water near by and when I got sick of that, I diffused cranberry and rasberry tea into some chilled water and it was rather like iced tea.

These last few days have been even tougher than my first couple of weeks at my new job where there has been regular temptations. There was a beautiful-looking almond and orange farewell cake for the girl I have replaced and fruit lollies brough back from Barcelona by our Executive Producer. I have been warned that there are regularly chocolate and lollies floating around the office. I'll just keep doing what I'm doing and it should be alright! Almost one month off sugar.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sleepy = Sugar Cravings

I haven't written in a little while. I have been busy starting my new, rather full on job and have moved into my new apartment. I have been so busy and I am lacking enough sleep. So how has that affected this year's challenge.

It turns out that being really tired results in sugar cravings and I have had caught myself a couple of times thinking about buying chocolate and then having to remind myself that 2011 IS MY YEAR WITHOUT SUGAR. The challenge is effective!

One difficult moment was taking my fella out for his birthday dinner at a great restaurant that had an extensive gluten-free dessert menu and I couldn't touch anything. But ultimately I don't think I actually want those things that badly. This has made me realise how easily I gave into food related thoughts in the past. I'm proud and it has only been almost three weeks. Planning a giftie to myself for when I reach a month.

Off to sleep now.

Saturday, January 8, 2011

Week One in the bag

I'm onto Day 9 of My Year Without Sugar and I am really happy that I made it to a week and then some. I had a dream that someone snuck some sugar into my dinner and it upset me and I think that is a good indicator of how pleased I am with this challenge.

I can't help but notice now just how much sugar other people around me eat. It is a bit concerning but it makes me even more happy with my challenge. I start work in two days and I think that working full time again is going to be what makes me really prove myself if I can get through it without sugar. I find that when I am stressed or tired, I want to eat more and there is always the late afternoon drop in sugar levels that leaves us craving something sweet. I will have to make sure that I am well nourished through the day and have a satisfying snack for the afternoons to see me through.

I haven't noticed too many changes after only eight days without sugar except perhaps that my sugar cravings have decreased a little. I have been really tired and had a little cold this past week so I don't think I will be able to really measure the changes for a little while. Here is to week two!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Challenges met

So it's Day 6 and still I haven't had any sweets. Not being able to eat wheat and having all my usual bread providers close over Christmas meant that I had to opt for the regular supermarket gluten free bread which has 1% sugar in it but I think overall this is going really well.

So I have had a couple of challenges, even apart from people foisting chocolate upon me. A couple of nights ago i woke up at 3am and couldn't get back to sleep. Previously, knowing that there was chocolate all over the house- my boyfriend has benefitted from me passing on the sugar- I would have helped myself, but this time I had a piece of toast. Also, tonight I went out for dinner and I really felt like dessert afterwards but I thought about how I had some great pineapple at home and I waited til I got home and had a slice. Excellent.

It was pretty hot here in Melbourne today and I drove through St. Kilda this afternoon and noticed lots of people eating icecream but they were all eating boring icecream on sticks and it didn't make me feel like one at all, although I did think I could go some gelati. This is getting a bit tougher, but I was expecting it would. One more day and I'll make it to a week.

Monday, January 3, 2011

Off to a good start

Just a super quick one because I am pooped from moving an astonishing number of boxes into my new apartment today. Third day and it is going really well so far. I haven't had any sugar and yesterday I had even more chocolate waved in my face as my boyfriend was given a huge box as thanks for rescuing someone’s dog. I looked at the mini Crunchie inside the box and then I looked away.

I have had moments where I have craved something sweet: yesterday I satisfied that by have a slice of fresh pineapple and tonight I had a few sultanas. Quite proud at this point as I was not that confident that I could do a day let alone three considering my track record with sweets. Very happy. I'm looking forward to making it to a week.